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Creo Basic to advanced course for Professionals

This course is designed to learn complete Creo Paramatic from basic to advance level covering all Tools including 3D models.

Created by: SS eAcademy

What Will I Learn?

  • Understanding Creo Parametric concepts
  • Create and modify 2D sketches on datum planes.
  • Sketching geometry and using tools
  • Create part features using: extrude, revolve, blend, hole, shell and sweep functions.
  • Creating datum planes and datum axes
  • Create parametric relationships between features and modify features Laying out drawings and creating views
  • Comprehensive two part Design Project
  • Selecting and editing geometry, features, and models
  • Learn advance modelling process
  • Learning how to use the Creo Parametric interface
  • Generate and dimension a multi view orthographic drawing.
  • Annotate notes and text on drawings.
  • Build a 3D assembly.
  • Mechanism (Gear, Cam follower, Piston cylinder, Slider crank etc.)
  • Animation ( Snapshot)
  • Manufacturing (Use application vericut )
  • Basic simulation
  • Drawing view and BOM (Bill of material)
  • Control and modify the operating environmental settings. 
  • Complete work accurately, with attention to detail. Assembling with connections
  • Create Engineering, Industrial Graphics & Design in 3D or 2D


  • Basic Computer Knowledge
  • A PC or Computer
  • Creo Software for your Practice
  • Basic mathematics and Engineering Knowledge
  • Basic Drawing Knowledge


Creo is a family or suite of design software supporting product design for discrete manufacturers and is developed by PTC.

Creo Parametric : The flagship application in the Creo Suite, Creo Parametric is the only software you need for 3D CAD and CAM.  With Creo Parametric, you can seamlessly combine parametric and direct modeling; open non-native CAD data and collaborate with almost anyone thanks to Unite technology; and relax knowing all downstream deliverables will update automatically. Combine this range of capabilities with ease-of use, and you have a product design accelerator.

2D CAD | 3D CAD | CAM | Simulation | Visualization | Analysis


Why Creo?

Our software doesn’t produce innovation: you do. But Creo can help by giving you powerful tools all within one environment as well as choice and flexibility in how you use them.

What can you design? One customer designed an artificial heart. Another created a 1.5 ton light sculpture. Maybe your next great product is that one on your desk.


Creo is best designed for Mechanical Engineer, Automobile Engineer. Mechatronics Engineer


SS eAcademy offer Complete training for Creo tutorials.

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Curriculum for Creo Parametric Course

13 Modules 15:17 Hours
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